Christopher Gee

Elsewhere, in the quiet provinces the artist can easily find himself surrounded by melancholias. Lost in thought he sits at the secluded windows of his medieval digs, a strange twilight flowing all about him, and without so much as stirring he sends his daydreams out onto the sweeping landscape. No one comes. Nothing disturbs his reverie. An inexpressible silence rules the surrounds.


Robert Walser

Two Tree Island, Essex

Christopher Gee (b.1987) is a British artist from Portsmouth, England. He lives and works on the Thames Estuary, Essex. His small scale works on paper explore stillness and isolated scenes. His paintings are informed by historic houses and landmarks, often forgotten or overlooked sites of familiarity and intrigue. Walking and collecting are key to his practice.


His graphic yet naïve-looking paintings, conjure places both historical and imagined, taking us on a fragmented journey through forested landscapes, vernacular architecture, and archaic towers. The intimacy and execution of these paintings convey themes of silence and solitude.


His influences include Northern Renaissance painting, Folk Art, the Romantic landscapes of Caspar David Friedrich and the paintings of Alfred Wallis. He also takes inspiration from the novels of Hermann Hesse and W.G. Sebald.


Gee has sold his work to clients such as Paul Smith and Liberty London as well as showing at Paris fashion week in 2019 in collaboration with menswear brand UNIFORME-Paris. His work is also held in private collections around the world.


  • Winter Exhibition, 155a Gallery, Dulwich, London

    7 Dec 2020 — 23 Jan 2021

  • Small is Beautiful, Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London

    Dec 2020 — Jan 2021

  • Sophie Breitmeyer, The Art Registry, London

    Summer — Autumn 2020

  • Our Home, The Table Hay, Hay-On-Wye, Wales

    16 — 31 May 2020

  • Places Dreamed/Real, Studio E Gallery, Seattle, US

    16 Jan — 16 Feb

  • Small is Beautiful, Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London

    29 Nov — 4 Jan

  • Present Day, Candida Stevens, Chichester, West Sussex

    Dec 2019

  • Paris Fashion Week Collaboration with Uniforme-Paris

    June 2018

  • Absence / Presence, Galerie La Boucherie, Brittany, France

    July 2018

  • Liberty, London


  • Paul Smith, Mayfair, London


  • Elsewhere, Solo Show Conduit Gallery, Dallas, Texas, US


  • Vanishing Point, James Freeman Gallery, London


  • The Silk, James Freeman Gallery, London


  • Into the Night, Solo Show, James Freeman Gallery, London


  • 40 Contemporary British Painters, The Crypt Gallery, London


  • The Winter Garden, James Freeman Gallery, London


  • The Last Man, James Freeman Gallery, London


  • Parcours d'Artistes, Saint-Gilles Culture, Brussels


  • Wimbledon MA Drawing Interim Show, The National Gallery, London



  • Residency 108, Germantown, Upstate New York

    Autumn 2018


MA Drawing UAL Wimbledon College of Art London, 2012

BA Drawing UAL Camberwell College of Art London, 2010

Fine Art Foundation UAL Byam Shaw School Central Saints Martins London, 2007